As of Sep 3, 2007:
Now working in Amherst again!!!

Andy Visniewski - Contact (AIM): PepperellMA

Example schedule:
My semester (Fall 07)

VisSched schedules are saved after they are generated, so you will be able to access from any computer with internet! They can be linked from anywhere, even your AIM profile!

NOTE (1/29/08): Amherst users should not run into any problems.

NOTE (8/30/07): Lowell users should not run into any problems.

1) Log on to your favorite PeopleSoft webpage (SPIRE/ISIS)

Note: When using SPIRE, you may use either Firefox, IE, or Safari.
Note: When using ISIS, you may only use IE.

2) On the menu to the left, click Academics
3) On the menu to the left (or on the tab), click My Class Schedule
4) Click the term you wish to make the schedule for
5) Hit CTRL-A to select all the text on the page.
6) Copy/Paste into this box

7) Enter your schedule name. If no name is given, a random one will be assigned.

8) If you wish to customize the colors of your schedule, click Continue. Otherwise, click Skip Customize


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